Board of Directors Compensation

The senior Directors of Total Compensation Solutions have been working with clients on Board of Directors Compensation and Corporate Governance for over 20 years. TCS can help your organization determine if your Board compensation is competitive and appropriate and if your organization is practicing proper Board governance.

Call TCS about our Board of Directors Compensation and/or Corporate Governance services at 914-730-7300 or email Tom Bailey.

More on Board of Directors Compensation

The compensation paid to Directors is one of the most timely issues confronting companies today. Recent events in the business world, the attention of both federal and state legislators and the requirement that Directors fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders of an organization has made this a very hot topic.

Our database includes information on a variety of Board characteristics including:

  • Size of Board of Directors
  • Retainers paid for regular Board service
  • Fees paid for Committee work
  • Term for Directors
  • Alternative pay strategies for Board members
  • Perquisites offered to Board members.

The variety of pay elements used for Directors, their qualifications for the job and other pay and benefits issues have become relevant to the discussion of Board of Directors pay. In the current environment, we strongly encourage our clients to review Board compensation levels at a minimum every 3 years to ensure the appropriateness of current practice.

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