Survey Consulting

Total Compensation Solutions specializes in the design and conduct of custom surveys for industry groups, trade associations and individual organizations. We complete numerous custom surveys each year in consultation with steering committees that specify the design, coverage and timing of these projects. We provide third-party objectivity and guidance throughout the process and we plan each step of the survey in consultation with prospective participants.

Our survey project planning model includes the following steps:

  • Convene survey steering committee meeting
  • Establish data elements to be surveyed
  • Research prospective participants
  • Facilitate survey job match meeting
  • Design survey instrument
  • Distribute data input documents
  • Promote survey via phone, fax, mail and email
  • Compile data and screen for accuracy
  • Analyze data and perform statistical tests
  • Develop survey report
  • Present findings in report

Call TCS about any of our Survey Consulting services at 914-730 -7300 or email Tom Bailey.

More on Survey Consulting

Surveys have become the foundation of successful human resources consulting and typically drive a project by providing the external analysis needed for clients to make critical pay decisions.

Our surveys are typically commissioned by:

  • An individual company or organization
  • An informal group of companies
  • An industry trade association and/or
  • A professional member association.

Total Compensation Solutions also sponsors its own surveys to address specific human resources issues such as:

  • Executive compensation
  • Board of Directors Compensation,
  • Not-for-profit sector compensation;
  • Salary adjustment budgets,
  • Nursing home industry compensation,
  • Financial services/insurance industry compensation,
  • Publishing industry compensation,
  • Other human resources issues

We also prepare customized cuts of data from our client-sponsored surveys to meet more stringent client needs and trends.

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