Sales Force Compensation

The senior directors of Total Compensation Solutions (TCS) partner with experts in sales force compensation. TCS can help you determine whether your sales compensation packages are competitive and appropriate.

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A critical part of almost every organization is the role played by the sales force. Whether they sell, market, develop business or otherwise generate revenue for an organization, the sales force is the front line with customers and critical to the overall success of the business.

Total Compensation Solutions helps leading organizations fulfill their potential by significantly driving performance and results. Taking revenue to the next level starts with defining sales strategy, evaluating its effectiveness, and linking employee compensation to achieving these results.

  • Defining sales strategy: begins by articulating your business objectives to ensure your entire sales force is in sync with driving these goals. This is achieved by understanding your markets and accounts, identifying growth areas, and determining how to best target and address your company’s potential. Key areas addressed:
    • Sales Growth Planning
    • Determination of target and addressable potential
    • Sales coverage model
  • Developing sales effectiveness occurs by unifying your people and processes with key support technology and tools to translate your sales strategy into quantifiable results. With a clearly defined and articulated strategy, supporting elements must be in place. These strategic and tactical areas hone accountability and direction for all your customer segments. Integrated changes to the organization, selling roles, and associated processes and tools are needed to ensure success. Key areas addressed:
    • Sales organization structure and design
    • Job role definition and clarification
    • Sales process and tools enhancement
    • Sales workload and capacity planning
    • Quota and goal setting
  • Linking sales compensation to strategy and sales effectiveness becomes a powerful lever. Done well, it drives the motivation and success of your sales force. Done poorly, it distracts and delivers a less than favorable return. Better compensation plans result from a diligent assessment and design process upfront, featuring collaboration with a cross-functional design team and an application of cross-industry best practices. Key areas addressed:
    • Plan assessment and design
    • Market competitiveness audit
    • Sales crediting model
    • Plan communication and roll-out

Total Compensation Solutions expertly leverages its network of seasoned business and consulting professionals to deliver key performance drivers—resulting in real-world growth and new gains toward achieving potential. We provide hands-on, senior-level project delivery, with small firm flexibility and affordability. We believe we offer better solutions in a better consulting model. That’s exactly what our clients have come to expect.

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