Salary Administration

The senior directors of Total Compensation Solutions (TCS) are experts in salary administration and broad-based compensation. TCS will help you determine whether your compensation packages are competitive and appropriate. TCS will review the overall total rewards package which could include any of the following:

  • Cash Compensation
  • Bonus and/or Incentive Plans
  • Benefits Prevelance
  • Salary Structure

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More on Salary Administration

For the majority of people in the workforce, base salary is the most important element of their total compensation package. Employees regularly measure their own success by their salary level, how it gets adjusted periodically and how well they can maintain their standard of living. However, their title, their grade within the organization and their job duties and responsibilities within their respective department are also perceived to be important. Effective salary administration accounts for all of these factors among others and when successfully applied provides an effective tool for attracting and retaining talented people to an organization.

Salary administration is an umbrella concept that covers a variety of human resource tools and tactics. These fall into several categories including:

  • Developing a compensation philosophy
  • Evaluating positions for internal equity
  • Establishing external competitiveness
  • Developing an internal salary structure
  • Making periodic adjustments to base salary
  • Managing performance appraisal design
  • Estimating salary adjustment budgets
  • Developing salary administration policies and procedures.

Effective salary management is the bread and butter of any sound compensation program. It requires expertise in human resources management and it provides a critical link between business strategy, organization design, job evaluation, market analysis, salary structure development and application of sound policies and procedures to the development of unique compensation solutions.

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