Executive Compensation

The senior directors of Total Compensation Solutions (TCS) are experts in executive compensation. TCS will help you determine whether your top executives' compensation packages are competitive and appropriate. TCS will review the overall total rewards package which could include any of the following:

  • Cash Compensation
  • Bonus and/or Incentive Plans
  • Benefits and Perquisites
  • Supplemental Retirement Plans

Call TCS about our Executive Compensation services at 914-730-7300 or email Tom Bailey.

More on Executive Compensation

On a relative scale, no single topic has earned more attention than that of the pay packages offered to executives. Pay packages are being scrutinized in publicly held and private companies as well as the not-for-profit sector. The focus of shareholders, Federal and state government entities and the media has been on compensation plans that provide significant gains to executives in spite of sub-standard performance. The same is true for not-for-profit organizations where relatively large pay packages have been offered to executives from organizations that have not-for-profit or tax-deferred status.

As a result, there is tremendous responsibility vested on those that research, review and approve pay packages for executives. Pay packages that are today considered necessary to attract, retain and motivate the highest caliber employee seem extraordinary relative to the broad-based employee population. These pay packages are typically justified in the context of the current market. However, they need to be developed independently and made contingent upon the achievement of strategic corporate objectives; e.g., (pay for performance). The design of executive pay packages should be dependent on the following:

  • Individual executive performance
  • Overall corporate or organization performance
  • Linkage between executive performance and corporate strategy
  • Communication of goals, tactics and successes at all levels.

We believe that there is no "magic" to executive compensation. Our approach to the design of pay packages for executives is guided by each company’s unique needs, whether profit or not-for-profit, whether impacted by industry sector, whether dependent upon community, governmental or family relationships. Each organization is unique and deserves the full time and attention of an outside observer to sort through the details related to successful management. Our goal is to help devise the most appropriate compensation solutions for your organization.

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